The Sports Betting Whale Turns $2,900 Into $80,000! Here’s Proof of the 3-Day $80,000 Winning Streak

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The “Sports Betting Whale” who won tens of millions of dollars betting on sports shares his betting tickets today totaling $22,500 in action.

It’s finally happening: The Whale is on the verge of a monster winning streak! He has just taken $2,900 and turned it into $79,652.3‬0 in the last 3 days of betting on sports, including a monster day yesterday where he was paid out over $63,800! Here’s a summary of the current 3-day $80,000 winning streak:

On Saturday May 18th, The Whale took $2,900 and wagered on a winning Round Robin that paid him back nearly $15,000.

On the morning of Sunday May 19th, The Whale took out $14,000 of those winnings and risked it all on the early morning games. He made $3,034 in profits, and now has $18,034 in his pockets! And remember: This all started from just an initial $2,900 bet he made the day before.

On Sunday’s evening games, The Whale went on to place 3 more wagers for a total of $10,920. He won on every single pick and every single bet he made for an additional profit of $12,818.20. At this point, The Whale has now turned his initial $2,900 into $30,852.20 – all in just 2 days of betting on his picks!

On Monday May 20th, The Whale wagered took out $15,000 from his $30K in winnings and wagered it all on his picks, including two Round Robins for a combined $10,000. He ended up racking the board in baseball, winning every single pick, and walked away with a net profit of $48,800.10 for the day. At this point, The Whale has now taken an initial starting amount of $2,900 and turned it into $79,652.3‬0!

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He also gives his free expert sports picks for today. “The Whale” is possibly Nevada’s winningest sports bettor in the last 25-30 years.

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