Value Bets Explained: How To Win Money On Sports Bets

Find value and make profit from sports betting with Oddspedia’s Value Bets tool.

This video shows you how to make money from sports betting by focusing on the predictability of an outcome when compared to the odds provided.

Using a mathematical approach, the Value Bets tool increases your chances of winning, and becoming profitable, by revealing advantageous odds across all our available bookmakers.

For more information on Value Bets, click here:

On our dedicated page, you can browse all available sports, filter the match odds brackets, specify overvalue percentage and even select from the bookmakers you wish.

Here’s a quick breakdown of our video for you to check out:

00:38 What are Value Bets?
The theory behind Value Bets

01:35 Finding Value
Here’s an example using a coin-flip

02:30 The formula for Value
It’s not as complicated as it looks – we promise!

03:44 The Oddspedia Value Bets tool
Here’s what it looks like on our website

07:40 Ten tips for using Value Bets
Make sure you follow our advice to help you profit

We hope this short overview has helped you understand what Value Bets are, and how they can help you find true value when you’re looking for sports markets to bet on.

Odds all across the world are constantly fluctuating and changing, so make sure you check the Value Bets tool to see where you can make the most profit.

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